Change Management Services

We provide change management services across technology change, culture change, new product and service offerings, strategy implementation, organisational change and restructures, mergers and acquisitions, office relocations and brand activations.

Technology Change

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Technology Change Management

Are you implementing a new ERP system such as SAP, SAGE X3 or Oracle? Are you introducing a new technology to help you with Customer Relationship Management, like Microsoft CRM? Are you moving your people from old, outdated technologies, to new cloud based platforms, like Microsoft Office 365? We can help you.

We have tried and tested change management methodologies specific to technology implementations, with vast experience across a variety of industries. We adapt our change management approach based on the methodology used by the project team, which could be the waterfall approach, the Agile methodology or a combination of both. We can help you successfully manage the people side of change and the psychological engagement needed to drive the acceptance, readiness, and adoption of new technologies.

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Rapid Change ™

Are you using an Agile approach to implement technology change and change initiatives? Are you finding it difficult to align your change management activities to the Agile approach? We can help you.

We have worked on several large-scale initiatives across various industries that have adopted an Agile approach to software development and customisation. Our Rapid Change ™ approach for Agile, helps you align your change activities to the Agile methodology and sprint cycles.

In addition to this, our Rapid Change ™ model can help you implement a rapid change methodology, plan and approach that will support change initiatives over a short space of time. This methodology aims to support businesses, which, due to the nature of their business or the environment, require change to be implemented constantly and quickly.

Organisational Change

Have you defined your strategy and are you ready to operationalise it, but you're not sure how to do this in the most effective way? Often the "what" is easier than the "how". We can help you.

We have worked with a multitude of clients assisting them to implement their organisational and digital strategies. We have significant experience in implementing digital strategies across financial services, and our approach is structured and practical.

Our change management and organisational development expertise, combined with project management skills, are used to create a practical and integrated plan to bring your strategy to life. We combine our expertise across technology implementations, culture change, and our ability to take new products and services to market, creating practical ways for organisations and people to implement strategy.

Are you starting a new company and do you want to craft a culture that supports your strategy? Do you have an existing culture that needs to align to your future strategy? Do you want to co-create a culture that is adopted by the people in your business? We can help you.

Our approach to culture change is firstly to understand the current culture and to then collaborate with people across the business to co-craft the desired culture. An important step in our process is to make sure your desired culture and your strategy are aligned. For example, if an organisation is implementing a strategy to improve speed to market, the behaviours of both leaders and employees need to align. How do we do things in a faster and more effective way, without losing quality? This requires a focus on a few key behaviours, such as agility, resilience, and resourcefulness.

Our approach also incorporates the strengths that exist within the company. What do we need to keep doing that is working well, and what behaviours make us unique? This, in conjunction with new behaviours, will determine both the formal and informal approach to driving the culture change. But measurement is key, because without measuring where we are against where we want to be, it is difficult to determine if the intervention to change the culture have been successful or not. We have a choice of several diagnostic tools to measure culture change, which are selected in consultation with our clients.

Are you taking a new product or a new service to market? We can help you.

We have successfully helped our clients take new products and services to market, across several industries, including financial services, logistics, automotive, aviation and telecoms. Our approach is inclusive and takes business leaders, internal employees, suppliers, and your clients through the change management journey.

We map out all affected stakeholders and get a good understanding of the impact of the change on each stakeholder group. Our change management methodology ensures that you have a clear picture of what needs to change, which could include structure, roles and responsibilities, processes, policies and procedures, infrastructure, technology, and may require new skills. We can help you prepare for and ensure readiness for a product or service launch through awareness and marketing campaigns, process mapping, technology adoption, training, and readiness assessments. We measure and monitor the take up and adoption post the launch, so that tactics can be put in place to improve take up and drive adoption.

Are you going through organisational change that impacts strategy, structure, operating models and your people? We can help you.

We have worked with a multitude of clients across various industries including financial services, telecoms, and packaging, helping them implement strategically driven decisions that require Section 189 changes (retrenchments) and Section 197 initiatives (the automatic transfer of contracts of employment from a previous employer to the acquiring employer). We have also worked with clients to implement new operating models, to support their strategic objectives.

We have significant experience, expertise and learnings in managing these organisational and employee related changes. Our purpose is to make any change, no matter how difficult, one that is possible. We believe that our team of experts play a significant role in balancing the needs of the organisation with those of the employees, whist still achieving the intended objectives.

Are you going through a merger with another company, or are you considering acquiring a company? We can help you with the people side of this change.

Any merger or acquisition has both transactional and transformational aspects to the people side of change that need to be considered. On the transactional side, the focus we take is on the practical change required, such as the revised structures, reporting lines, roles and responsibilities, processes, technology integration, and the redefining of policies and procedures. From a transformational perspective, we look at leadership style and behaviours, values and cultural alignment, performance management, reward and recognition. We help you create a well-timed plan for your merger or acquisition that focuses on taking your leaders, your people, your suppliers, and your clients through the change.


Change Visualization Sponsor Roadmap

Change Visualisation

A picture paints a thousand words and people relate to pictures more than words. We take your complex information and simplify it into a visual story that's easy to understand. Change Visualisation is a modern method of communication that is used to communicate information clearly and efficiently, irrespective of a person's position and status.

Our Change Visualisation offering includes: a case for change; sponsor roadmaps; project branding; awareness campaigns; visual narratives and visual communication.

Data Visualisation

Good data helps people make informed decisions and can lead to a change in behaviour. We use our Data Visualisation skills to visualise key data and metrics for you. This can be used to present to key stakeholders, such as executives, for dashboard reporting purposes. Instead of using traditional approaches like pages of PowerPoint reports, we help you set yourself apart by housing the most important data on one page.

Our Data Visualisation offering includes: visual summaries of key metrics; change management results and change intelligence; project progress and benefits realisation; executive dashboards; reporting and general data visualisation.

Instructional Design Ticketing Quick Reference

Instructional Design

We make it easy for people to follow steps. We do this by working through complex information and highlighting the necessary points and steps to be followed. We simplify and visualise this information through Instructional Design making it easy for people to follow the most important steps.

Our Instructional Design offering includes: training materials; quick reference guides; gamification and step-by-step processes.

Change Intelligence

Change Management Intelligence

Change intelligence and analytics is the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data that can be used to track, monitor, and manage the effectiveness of change management. Our approach includes the analysis of stakeholders, change readiness and risk assessments, change impact analysis, training effectiveness measures, return of investment, benefits realisation, and change management insights based on our standardisation and benchmarking of assessments and surveys.

Change Masterclass

Do you have a need for change management training? Our Change Masterclasses empowers leaders to lead themselves and others through change. We have two Masterclass programmes called "Leading Myself Through Change" and "Leading Others Through Change".

Thought Leadership

Our thought leadership consists of facilitation, key-note speaker presentations, thought leadership articles, think-tank sessions and change webinars.


Do you have a need for facilitation? Our skilled facilitators can assist you in facilitating change enablement workshops at an organisational, business unit or team level. We'll spend time with you understanding your objectives, the audience and intended outcomes. We'll work with you to create a facilitation approach that aligns to your culture and desired results.

Thought Leadership Articles

We provide current, relevant, and leading-edge articles on our website and social media platforms regarding change management. These articles are aimed at improving the effectiveness of change management across industries by applying key learnings and thought leadership across the change management discipline.

Key-Note Presentations

If you need a guest speaker with specialist change knowledge on change management, we can help you. Our key-note presentations are topical, can be personalised and customised based on the needs of your objectives and your audience. Our key-note presentations are titled:

Making the shift

Rapid change

Leading others through change

Leading yourself through change

The positive nudge

Brand Activation

Are you repositioning your brand in the market, or are you wanting to position your department and establish your own identity and brand within your organisation? We can help you.

We have successfully helped clients activate their brands both internally and externally. Our external client brand activation capability works hand in hand with the company, their agency, the communication and marketing teams within the business, leaders, and functional streams across the business to bring the revised brand promise and supporting behaviours to life. In instances where significant organisational change is required to deliver on the brand promise, we adopt our change management methodology for organisational change, ensuring that there is alignment across leadership, values and behaviours, processes and policies, infrastructure, systems, training, and customer satisfaction.

Our internal brand activation approach includes working with the specific department or business unit to create an internal identity and brand. This is used as a visual anchor to give the team a recognisable identity that is uniquely theirs. The department's purpose and value proposition is then clearly articulated, and validated with internal clients. We then co-craft plans to create visibility of the departments goals, objectives, and achievements, with the intended purpose of demonstrating the value that is created for internal clients.